•    Ts & Cs   


1.     A Grace Period of 10 minutes after the agreed pick-up time is allowed for the customer to board the cab. If the customer boards the cab after this time a waiting charge of 30c/minute is applied to the full period from the agreed pick-up time to the boarding time (including the first 10 minutes).


2.     Chauffeur service from the Airport Arrival Terminal or Virtu Ferries Terminal are subject to a Grace Period of 30 minutes. This applies after official arrival times provided by the Malta International Airport and Virtu Ferries.


3.     Extra stops are charged extra from the booking price.


4.     The company will not shoulder responsibility for missed flights unless bookings have been made 2.5 hours before a flight departs.


5.     It is necessary to advice the company in advance for the need of booster seats.


6.     Customer is held responsible for damage caused directly or indirectly to the vehicle during service. A Euro 50 fee will be charged if the vehicle requires any special cleaning.


7.     Abusive behaviour or activity whilst using the cab service is not allowed. Company drivers have the right to refuse boarding to anyone unfit to travel on the basis of his/her behaviour.


8     Smoking or the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.


9.     Pets are not allowed unless otherwise carried in a proper pet carrier and indicated on booking.

10.Customers shall indicate the correct number of passengers and suitcases when making a booking.


11.  Communication and Booking requests with the Company can be made by telephone, SMS, email. The Company is not responsible for any potential communication costs incurred by the Customer.

12.  The company shall process customer personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.